Greater Chicago Finance Co.


Ease of Payments

We offer multiple buy here, pay here financing options with the ability to make payments in many ways including:

  • Cash payment at our main office (located at 8331 Roosevelt Rd, Forest Park, IL 60130-2529)
  • Credit card payment via telephone
  • Online credit card payment via Western Union
  • Western Union Quick Collect


Please call 708-488-8900 ext: 412 after you make your final payment to get the date your title will be mailed.

If you need your title sooner then the date that was provided we will need proof that your last transacton has cleared.


If your vehicle was repossessed, call 708-488-8900 ext: 412 for further information on how to redeem/reinstate your vehicle. DO NOT make any payment until you receive the amount from our agent.


Please call 708-488-8900 ext: 412 to let us know you filed and to give us your case #.